NOTICE:  Due to Covid and the havoc it's caused across many industries and businesses, JW Medical LLC has been forced to close it's doors as a Primary Care Provider.  While our practice is closed, please know we are committed to assisting our patients during their transition to new Primary Care.
Our main phone lines including office, fax and after hours number (listed below for reference) will still be active for as long as we are needed for our patient's support and advocacy.
Your patronage and loyalty to JW Medical has been greatly appreciated over all these years and will not soon be forgotten.  
You can find additional information to your questions by clicking on the tabs above.  Should your question or concern not be addressed by them, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Office Phone:  502-447-6664
Office Fax:  502-447-6072
After Hours:  502-554-2332 (voicemail & text messaging) 

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​Jacob Harvey will still be seeing patients in the weight loss program.  Call for appointment